PSYC 2310 Study Guide - Final Guide: Transtheoretical Model, Operant Conditioning, Sensory Cortex

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Stressors: range of severity, eliciting stimuli place demands on us that danger our well-being and require us to adapt. Catastrophic events occur unexpectedly, affects a large number of people. 4 parts of appraisal process for stressful situations. What does this say about my beliefs in myself: distortions/mistaken appraisals can occur at any of these stages, and casue an inappropriate stress response. Chronic stress and the gas: general adaptation syndrome physiological reaction to prolonged stress (hans selye, three phases, alarm activation of sympathetic nervous system & release of stress hormones . Increased arrousal: resistance, adrenal gland releases epinephran & noneprinephran & cortisol to maintain the increased arousal continue to recruit resources until depletion. Psych*1200 [exam review: exhaustion, adrenal glands can no longer function normally resources are dangerously depleted. (increased vulnerability to disease) Stress and illness: consequences of stress, increase in chronic conditions arthritis, bronchitis, emphysema, ulcers. Vulnerability factors: increase susceptibility to stress, lack of support network, poor coping, skills pessimism.