PSYC 2310 Study Guide - Final Guide: Murder Of Kitty Genovese, Pluralistic Ignorance, Noxious Stimulus

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Aggression-any form of behaviour directed toward the goal of harming/ injuring another living being who is motivated to avoid such treatment. Man shouts, swears and gives the finger to another driver. Nature nurture debate is considered a false debate by social psychologists. Nature-evolutionary basis says that stable biological causes that are present at birth cause aggression. Instinct theory-mcdougall 1908 said we have 18 instincts and 1 is the aggressive instinct, but, he doesn"t explain how it develops or how to avoid it. Death instinct-freud 1930 said humans have 2 instincts; life instinct and death instinct. We have a drive to live but a drive to bring us to nothing. First starting with ourselves and then moving to others. Hydraulic theory-unexpressed emotions build up pressure which must be expressed to relieve that pressure. Zing yang kuo"s 1960-raise a kitten in the same cage as a rat. Cat did not chase or eat the rat which is what is expected.