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Social Psychology Lecture Notes for Midterm #1

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PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

Social Psychology Sept 6 2012 Man human is by nature a social animalAristotle Politics c 328 BCSocial psychology is the study ofSocial thinkingSocial influenceSocial relatednessWhat is Social PsychologyThe scientific study of the way in which a persons thoughts feelings and behaviours are influence by the real or imagined presence of other people Allport 1985What is ScienceA field must adopt a set of values and methods to be considered a scientific fieldThree of these values are 1 Accuracy 2 Objectivity 3 Skepticism Scientific method is systematic observation description and measurementSocial psychology differs from philosophy because social psychology is empiricalHistory of Social Psychology th The scientific study of social psychology developed at the end of the 19 century o Norman Triplett was one of the pioneers o Floyd Allport wrote an important book on interaction of individuals in their social contexts o World War II increased research in social psychologySome Major Contributions to Social Psychology 19301969 Gordon Allport Prejudice establishment of the society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues Muzafer Sherif Experimental research on social influence Kurt Lewin Action research Solomon Asch Conformity Leon Festinger Cognitive dissonancecompeting parts and values not harmonious Stanley Milgram Obedience September 11 2012 The Self in Social WorldChapter 3The Nature of SelfKnow thyself o Solon the Greek thinkerWho are you How do you know you are the person you are o People tell you things people that are around youo Your occupation shapes what you expect from others and yourself and what they expect of you o Consists of selfknowledge or selfconcept o Selfawareness Definitions1 Three features of self Baumeister 1986 1 Self includes the body 2 Self includes the social identityI am Canadian I am atheist Connection with othersI am the only child 3 Self is the active agentIt is the I I make the decision for myselfFunctions of Selfhood 1 Self is an interpersonal tool 2 Self makes choicesyou make a choice to be here you make your choices based on goals the I makes for you 3 Selfregulationhave to regulate your emotions and valuesSelfknowledgeSelfknowledge comes from o Selfcomparisoncompare our performance with other people and with your own past performances o Feedback from othersSelf as a blank state o When you are born you are born with a sense of self Born with a tendency a temperamentBabies are different and there is an element o We are not born as a clean slate there is certain level of tendencies in each of us that comes with us Perceived SelfknowledgeSelfknowledge is obtained from others but it is heavily filtered through biases from others o Politeness of others o Our lack of tendency to hear and process criticismAccuracy of SelfknowledgeIs it possible to have accurate understanding of selfknowledge o Yes autobiography writers selfconcept is the most complete form of knowledge imaginableno one knows you better than yourself o No psychoanalystsselfconcept is very hard to obtain if you have an expert analyze you for a ridiculous long time you might have an understanding of yourselfIntrospectionIntrospection is one way of developing selfknowledge o The process of looking inward and examining our thoughts and feelingsReflecting on your behaviour and valuesOnly 8 of our thoughts are reflecting on our thoughts and behaviours why did I do that the other 92 are thinking about choice and what we need to do and what needs to be doneIntrospection has some limitations 1 People dont engage in introspection often 2 Reasons for some of our behaviours are hidden from our conscious awarenessHow selfconscious are youRespond ranges from 1 never 2 seldom 3sometimes 4often 5alwaysIm always trying to figure myself outIm constantly examining my motivesIm often the subject of my fantasiesIm alert to changes in my moodIm aware of the way my mind works when I work on a problem2
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