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PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

Midterm Review September 27, 2012  Chapters 1, 3, 4, 6  10 questions from each chapter st  5 from 1 lecture  7 from every other lecture  40 from textbook, 40 from lecture  Know the various aspects of SP  Norman triplett – what he did, what he measured, and the findings of his study  Floyd allport – important book, first on SP  World war 2 and why did it lead to increase of research  Gordon Allport  Muzafer sherid  Kurt lewin –experimental research on social influence  Solomon asch - conformity  Leon festinger- cognitive dissonance  Stanley milgrams – obedience Chapter 1  Gestalt and positive psychology - the contribution, etc. o Focus is on the strength, not the limitation or disability  Behaviourist, socio-cultural, humanistic, perspectives  Social vs self perception, self-fulfilling prophecy, hindsight bias Accuracu of self-knowledge  Is it possible to have accurate understanding of self-knowledge? o Yes, autobiography writers (self-concept is the most complete form of knowledge imaginable) o No, psychoanalysts (self concepts is very hard to obtain) Introspection  Introspection is one way of developing self knowledge  It has limitations Healthy self-knowledge  We are unrealistically optimistic Self-esteem  Sense of personal worth, goes up and down around a base and is stable  Downward comparison  Upward comparison  KNOW self esteem and the vicious cycle of it Chapter 3  Self handicapping (self serving behaviour)  Impression management strategies  Self serving comparisons  Self verification  Impression management – you want other people to think you’re good and you have good qualities Definition of culture  Culture comparisons –human made and social institutions  Culture exists in interactions The interdependent Construal  Self is connected with others  Behaviour of interdependent self is contingent on what actor perceives to be the thoughts, feelings, and actions of others Role
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