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University of Guelph
PSYC 2330
Francesco Leri

PSYCH Principles of Learning Review 1. taste aversion learning is most likely to occur with a food or beverage that has ________ features. a) Novel CS to become a good CS has to be noticeable b) familiar c) changing  taste aversion is apart of classical conditioning therefore wrong d) stable means not much in this situation e) all of the above  wrong 2. According to Hull, S-R associations become stronger as a function of how often they are followed by: a) stimuli that have weak incentive calue b) stiuli that produce a drive c) stimuli that satisfy a need and reduce a drive  two aspects particular to hull model (when you experience satisfaction you increase the strength of the response) d) stimuli that are unexpected e) novel stimuli SS-classical conditioning SR-operant conditioning homeostasis drive reduction: Hull model 3. Experimients performed in the Aplysia have demonstrated that habituation is caused by: a) increase in withdrawal reflecive reactions
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