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PSYC 2330
Francesco Leri

2330 Midterm 1 Practice Questions 1. Taste aversion learning is most likely to occur with a food or beverage that has ____ features a) Novel b) Familiar c) Changing d) Stable e) All of the above True for taste aversion, also for other forms of conditioning. To become good CS, typically has to be noticeable 2. According to Hull, S-R associations become stronger as a function of how often they are followed by: a) Stimuli that have weak incentive value b) Stimuli that produce drive c) Stimuli that satisfy need and reduce drive d) Stimuli that are unexpected e) Novel stimuli STUDY Hull’s model – Several needs, but only 1 drive – motivational fuel for drug seeking is same that is activated when you are seeking food/sex etc. Drive is unique, but the difference is that need for food will produce a variety of stimuli in your body that are different than need for drug 3. Experiments performed in the Aplysia (marine slug) have demonstrated that habituation is cause by: a) Increase in withdrawal reflexive reactions (opposite of habituation) b) Reduction of interest in task (difficult to probe interest of slug) c) Reduction of pool of synaptic vesicles (will release less neurotransmitter) d) Expression of synaptic extracellular potassium (not discussed in course) e) Increase in intracellular sodium (not discussed in course) 4. A conditioned inhibitor (CS-) a) Has no predictive value (not true – predicts that not going to get US) b) Would be slower to condition to US (
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