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PSYC 2330
Francesco Leri

Principles of Learning Midterm 2 Review QUESTIONS Primary reinforcing stimuli: a. Are only stimuli needed for survival (some primary stimuli do not have survival value -> e.g. cocaine) b. Possess unconditioned motivational value c. Are rewarding (could be rewarding…rewarding implies a liking, a reinforcing stimulus could be reward, but a reward is NOT ALWAYS reinforcing. E.g. eat all of the strawberries in store, feel sick, offered more, but you are full so it doesn’t change behaviour) d. Reward good behaviours (reinforcing stimulus reinforces not rewards, and could be any behaviour) e. None of the above Stimulation of the medial forebrain bundle (MFB): a. Maintains self-stimulation behaviour b. Feels great (don’t know how it feels!) c. Is rewarding (concept of reward does not make sense) d. Can also be used to punish behaviour e. Has no effect on memory consolidation (DOES enhance memory consolidation) Which of the following schedules results in a conditioned or primary reinforcer after every target behaviour? a. Fixed interval (every set # of times, based on time, not # of responses) b. Variable interval (at variable time, not based on responses) c. Fixed ratio (when ratio is 1:1, then it is correct, depends on ratio) d. Variable ratio (this is average, not every response) e. Continuous reinforcement schedule REVIEW - Slides from end of week 6 (dopamine and wanting/liking) o Decrease of dopamine in areas that are usually high in dopamine o In neostriatum there is a 90% decrease of dopamine o With lower dopamine the don’t go to food (don’t show wanting of food) o But if you put something sweet in their mouth they will have a pleasurable reaction (still show liking/disliking of food) - Attribution of conditioned motivation o Look at learned vs. unlearned o Motivator -> stimulus that has motivational value o E.g. a strawberry will have unlearned/unconditioned motivation, place in store where there is strawberries becomes a conditioned stimulus because that is where you find strawberries. When you enter the store you know there are strawberries, you know to go to that space. That space is now a
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