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University of Guelph
PSYC 2330
Francesco Leri

Operant Conditioning Part 1Classical conditioningyou have a signal S and you know that it is a predictor of a biologically significant stimulus SNow operant response is involvedleads to either getting the S and therefore enhancing the SR relation or not leading to the S and making the SR relation weaker o Response is maintained by the SPrimary Reinforcers needed for survival mimic stimuli needed for survival sensory stimulation novelty not learnedSecondary or Conditioned or Learned Reinforcers acquire capacity to strengthen responses by being paired with primary reinforcerSocial Reinforcers using good getting social approval from peersShaping take neutral stimulus and pair it with reinforcer becomes conditioned reinforcer now introduce operant but animal does not know just wants CS again so it can get the food reinforce behaviour that is close to the operant response more and more such that they get closer and closer to the response that you wantIt is conditioned reinforcer that is maintaining behaviourLaw of Effect Thorndike producing a response generates satisfaction the greater the satisfaction the greater the strengthening of the SR bond satisfaction is stamping in the behaviour into your memoryPuzzle Box with cats o Cat does a variety of responses when in the box but only one leads to the escape o The more times you put them in the box the faster they escapeLimitation hard to define satisfactionLaw of Effect Bouton animals make responses to maximize benefit and minimize costsReward learning get something good behaviour increasesPunishment learning get something bad behaviour decreasesOmission learning remove or do not get something good behaviour decreasesAvoidance learning remove or do not get something bad behaviour increasesThe Issue of Satisfaction a response will increase if it is followed by satisfaction and a satisfying event is one that increases the responsebehaviour should not increase if it is not followed by satisfactionPut rat in long chamber with female at end will run to end to copulate with femaleRight before ejaculation satisfaction rat is taken out and put at start againrat will run faster this time to get to female paradoxical reward effect o The act of copulation itself was reinforcingRewardReinforcementGive people opportunity to self administer unknown dosages of morphineWhen at 0mg the liking for the dosage is low and so is response rate
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