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PSYC 2330 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Memory Consolidation

Course Code
PSYC 2330
Francesco Leri
Study Guide

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Midterm 2 Practice Questions
40 questions, 1 bonus
1. which of the following factors are critical to the effectiveness of positive
reinforcement ANSWER e
2. as a process, shaping involves a gradual: ANSWER c – gradually reinforcing
successive approximations of the response required
3. Premacks principle asserts that: ANSWER c- one behaviour can be used as a
reinforcer or punisher for another behaviour
4. Punishment by reward ANSWER C
5. Mowers two factor theory of avoidance proposes that: ANSWER d – subjects first
learn a classical conditioned emotional association, which then serves as the
motivation for learning the instrumental avoidance response
6. Which of the following is not a side effect of punishment? ANSWER d -
increased interest in the punished behaviour
7. Which of the following illustrates a schedule of reinforcement? ANSWER d-
subjects that perform a specific behaviour receive a particular outcome 75% of the
8. To affect memory consolidation, a putative reinforcing stimulus should be
experienced: ANSWER e- after a learning experience
9. ANSWER c- omission does not fit with motivation, incentive value, delay and
10. Flooding may be effective in treating: ANSWER a – avoidance behaviours
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