PSYC 2360 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Simple Random Sample, Latin Square, Sleep Deprivation

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Involve the use of self-report measured variables in descriptive research. Can be used to collect either qualitative data or quantitative data. Steps in developing surveys: identify types of questions and instruments to use (mail/internet, phone, person to person, pilot test/seek opinions from others, work out what demographics info to collect and administration procedures/instructions to use. Can be conducted from home or office. Low response rate and non response bias. Unstructured interview interviewer talks freely with the person being interviewed. Questions asked in this type of interview differ from respondent to respondent. Provides in-depth information, however difficult to train interviewers in an unbiased manner. Focus group people are interviewed at the same time and share ideas with the interviewer and each other. Structured interview more objective data where it uses quantitative fixed format items. Questions are prepared ahead of time and read to the respondent.