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Study guide from the sample mean about (e. g. canadians) population (e. g. phonebook: random sample - sample to estimate the population mean, the average amount that each score is from the average. Purpose of stats: make a conclusion about a large group of people (population) from a small group of people (a sample) Standard deviation roughly, on average, the amount that a score differs. Sample mean is a best guess of the population mean use different scores every time so sample mean can be higher or lower (distribution of means) Standard error = best guess of how accurate a sample mean is: roughly, on average, the amount that a sample mean differs from the population mean. The variability in sample means is described by the standard error of the mean: 2. Larger sample sizes, result in smaller standard errors (regardless of the population size). That is, we can expect less sampling variability when we use larger samples: 3.

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