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PSYC 2360 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Semantic Differential, Null Hypothesis, 60Th United States Congress

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PSYC 2360
Study Guide

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basic research
research design
 
descriptive research
Charles has noticed that every time it rains, both his car and his
lawn mower are hard to start up. On the basis of these
observations, he develops a theory that humidity reduces the
ability of gasoline to burn effectively. Charles’s theory can be
said to have been developed on he basis of inductive method
When conducting a literature search it is best to be prepared to
change your ideas
A general principle that holds in all situations is a law, whereas
a set of principles that explains many, but not all, behaviors is
a theory
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A researcher who uses a theory to generate ideas is using the
Wanda has a theory that her cat can recognize her name. She
calls the cat. If the cat looks up Wanda concludes that the cat
knows her name. If the cat does not look up, Wanda concludes
that the cat knows her name but is just ignoring her. The
problem with Wanda’s test of her theory is that it is not
falsifiable cant actually test whether the cat is ignoring her or
is doesn’t know her name
In a correlational study of the influence of violent television
programs on aggressive play behavior, the television violence
is the predictor variable and the aggressive behavior is the
outcome variable.
-would only be independent and dependent if it was an
experimental design
The number of jokes that a person tells at a party is to having a
good sense of humor as a measured variable is to a conceptual
An operational definition explains how a conceptual variable is
to be measured
Steve wants to measure attraction by measuring individuals’
heart rates. In this case heart rate is the measured variable and
attraction is the conceptual variable.
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