PSYC 2390 Final: Exam3StudySensationandPerception

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15 Dec 2016

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Questions: depth perception, the perception of form, the perception of motion, hearing. One type of depth cue is called binocular disparity (also called retinal disparity). A type of depth cue is called binocular disparity or retinal disparity. Binocular or retinal disparity is measuring the difference in position between left and right eye based on stereoscopic vision. It is the difference between the images on the left and right retina. Binocular depth cues require 2 eyes, and relies on the fact that 2 eyes have different perspectives and slightly different angles. The first stage is to solve the stereo correspondence problem. Pick part of object on left eye image side and figure out which one matches on right side or right eye image (see course link diagrams). Can have depth illusions when this is done incorrectly (magic eye illusions) The second stage is to choose which 2 match and then to calculate retinal disparity.

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