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University of Guelph
PSYC 2390
Lana Trick

After effect an after effect is caused by distribution coding Distribution coding is the process of a group of neurons enacting on one single orientation After effect is what happens when you adapt to a specific line orientationand then present a second orientationand because you have tired out thereceptor when you present theorientation you perceive the lines as THis is an after effect seems to float in front of the eyes happens when you look at something white you use up a lot of photopigments results in a lot of action potentials and when cells are active they get tired When you look at something black you use less photopigment and have less action potentials The cells that were seeing the white part were working hard and the ones that were seeing the black part had less to recover from Once the eye has adapted fatigued and then the image is taken away and you see the dark lines where the white ones were because the ones that were working harder are tired and cant keep up with the ones that were looking at blackAftereffects Tilt after effect line orientation have a person adapt to a specific line orientation diagonal then show them a different line orientation vertical and then they report seeing the opposite diagonal direction People misperceive vertical lines happens because when you adapt to the tilted lines you tire out receptors a lot the vertical receptors not very much and for the opposite tilt not at allWhen you switch to the vertical lines you then in a normal view when not tired the vertical is seen using a mix of each tilt but with one tilt being tired you get the illusion of the opposite tilt happening because of less firing in the tired cellsagnosia see things but dont understand itApproaches to the study of depth perception Constructive approach take together all sorts of cues in the image and infer how far things are by a reasoning like process like reasoning taking clues Ecological approach is quite radical because they always just sat a person in the lab and they never have people move around when people in general do move around when they see the environment Dont have to figure anything because we just respond to the appropriate variance then wont have any dimensional ambiguity because you are not staying in one placeAtmosphericperspectiveas things are far away in depth things because hazier or more blurry something clear tends to be closer in daylight conditions they are blurry but also a blueish condition to them Rayleigh scatter the atmosphere is acting like a lends and blue light is bending everywhereblobs and interblobs blobs are sensitive to colour when stained it looks like a blob and interblobs are not sensitive to colourBrightness how powerful light is amplitudeBuildup cells are active just before an eye movement 100200 ms before Burst cells are active as the eye movement is madeBurst cells are active as the eye movement is madeCEREBRAL ACHROMATOPSIA complete inability to perceive colourColour plays a big role in identification of objectsIf you cant see colour you can get really depressed because everything is blackClosed angle glaucoma develops really quickly the aqueous humor comes in and the pupil flops over and blocks the flow of aqueous humor over to the vents and pressure builds up really fastpainful condition prone to happen in the morning blurred vision severe eye pain headache possibly vomitingThis is treated via iridectomy cut a hole in your iris to let the fluid out using a laser People who are far sighted are more likely to get closed angle glaucoma progress can be slowed via eye drops and laser treatments Its useful to know about these since they are not uncommon disorders Marijuana may reduce the interoccular pressure as well as pain relief
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