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University of Guelph
PSYC 2410
Elena Choleris

Description Subtypes Brain damage vs. functional causes, very Single Test hard to tell (no one test - tells us where the brain damage is located) Single test was to limited (brain damage causes multiple effects) Standardized-test-battery Neurological vs. normal - patients (not good at distinguishing neurological vs. psychiatric patients) Personalized: Memory: Repetition Priming Test, given list of words, then given Initial tests: list of word fragments, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale: WAIS, knowing IQ can help more likely to fill in Current practice, probe interpret other results, latest version has 4 scores [verbal word fragments and function then narrow in on comprehension index, working memory index, perceptual what exactly is going reasoning index and processing speed index] make words they just wrong with that function Full scale IQ is addition of all, general activity index=VCI+PRI previously saw in word list, amnesia Differs in 3 ways: patients fill in words 1. Measures spotlight but often not with by modern theories words from list Customized-test-battery 2. Requires more skill and knowledge of Language: phonology psychologists (reading out loud a
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