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PSYC 2410
Elena Choleris

Division of the Location Main Structures Main Functions Addition Brain Information Why a blow to the Right above the Reticular formation Sleep and arousal, cardiac, Myelencephalon brain stem (“little net”), tractrespiratory and circulatory reflexes neck can be so dangerous / fatal Pons (“little Pons are origin of 3 cranial nerves Cerebellum fine Above bridge”), reticular (5, 6, 7) tunes the way we Metencephalon myelencephalon formation, Cerebellum responsible for balance, learn, even non- cerebellum (“little motor control / equilibrium and brain”) cognitive functions motor learning Tectum made of 2 bumps (interior colliculi [auditory functions] and superior colliculi [visual]) Substantia nigra is Tectum (“roof”), Tegmentum Periaqueductal motor processing Mesencephalon “Mese” = middle tegmentum (“below responsible for grey (pain center), cut during tectum”) motor control, substantia nigra progression of balance and and red nucleus Parkinson’s disease coordination, (motor processing pain center areas) Sensory relay Ventral posterior Thalamus center (somatosensory), The hypothalamus (“matrimonial composed of medial geniculate also contains the beds”), 2 lobes multiple pairs (auditory), lateral optic chiasm (where Diencephalon Top of central line joined by massa of nuclei geniculate (visual) optic nerves cross intermedia, Hypothalamus controls motivated over) and hypothalamus behaviours (the 4 F’s), some nuclei mammillary bodies (“below the (located behind thalamus”) hav
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