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University of Guelph
PSYC 2410
Elena Choleris

Invasive Measure Description Subtypes? Chemicals: neurotoxins (kills brain cells in region), neurotransmitter specific inhibitors (only kills neurons that release that Removal, damage neurotransmitter), anesthetics (temporary) or destroying a Aspiration: suction (less precise) Lesions part of the brain Radio frequency/electrical: burn brain tissue, shape and extent of then studying damage depends on duration and intensity of heat resulting effects Knife cuts: selectively cut tracts Cryogenic blockage: temporarily freeze brain region (low metabolic state) In vitro: isolated, artificial, squid axon (can measure activity) and patch clamping (suction to cell membrane and measure activity of cell, high level of precision) Intracellular unit recording: moment by Use of electrodes to stimulate brain moment record of membrane of one cell Electrophysiological area, behaviour Extracellular unit recording: stick electrode in extracellular fluid outside of Stimulation depends on In vivo: direct links to cell, measures multiple neurons location of behaviour Multiple unit recording: electrode is larger electrode and picks up signals from all cells Invasive EEG recording: electrodes implanted on surface of the brain, less noise Oral: most common, not very accurate
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