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PSYC 2410
Dan Meegan

Module 3- Data What are the research methods commonly used? 1. Descriptive • The observation variables X and Y.  Describes events learned from study 2. Correlational • Q. Is there an association between the variable X and variable Y?  See 2 events that happen at the same time  Ex) how does low self esteem cause depression? 3. Experimental • Q. Is the variable X having a causal effect on the variable Y? What are descriptive methods? • Case Study: observing and gathering information to compile an in-depth study of one individual • Overgeneralization from one example Ex) Phineas Gage was studied after separating 2 cortexes • Naturalistic observation: recording behaviour in the environment without control or manipulation  Observes small groups in natural environment Module 5: Parts of the Brain What are common strategies to investigate the brain and what it does? • Lesion based approaches • Accidents (e.g., Phineas Gage) • Surgeries (e.g., disected copus callosum) • Stimulation • chemically numbing, magnetically deactivating, or electrically stimulating parts of the brain • Imagery: CAT, MRI, fMRI, and PET scans • Electroencephalogram Limbic system Coordinates:  emotions such as fear and aggression  basic drives such as hunger and sex  the formation of episodic memories Hippocampus • processing conscious, episodic memories  helps remember events in our life that is happy/sad • working with the amygdala to form emotionally charged memories Amygdala • Consists of two lima bean- sized neural clusters  involves emotions • Is involved in the experience of different emotions •
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