PSYC 2410 Study Guide - Reward System, Sexual Fantasy, Aversion Therapy

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Subliminal messages: subliminal: stimulus so weak/brief that can"t be perceived consciously. Popcorn/coke study: increased sales: public outcry- never really happened, cbc tv: no increased calls, backward masking: affect behaviour, teenage behaviour as a result. Little evidence we can perceive it or that it affects behaviour o. Inattentional blindess/ change blindness: were blind to changes at scene cuts or during eye movements. Unconscious: usefull & accessibility: sometimes unconscious can be superior to consciousness, when thinking hurts performance (millipede/ in the zone example) Trusting your gut: conscious decision is needes, but unconscious can"t contribute: art fraud example, unconscious is sometimes inaccessible, card game example. The cognitive unconscious: cognitive psychologists o reject the notion of an unconscious mind driven by instinctive urges and repressed conflicts view conscious and unconscious mental life as complementary forms of information processing. The ability to perform more than one activity at the same time: more difficult when tasks require similar mental resources.