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Exam Review (From S'11)

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PSYC 2410
Boyer Winters

Neuropsychology Exam ReviewModule 11 Comparative approach is an important part of the evolutionary perspective to biopsychology Comparative approachtrying to understand biological phenomina by comparing them to different species2 What is neuroplasticity the continuous growing and changing of the brain and central nervous system3 The difference between experimental studies and quasiexperimental studies is Experimental studies the method used by scientist to study causationQuasiexperimental studies studies of groups of subjects who have been exposed to the conditions of interest in the real world One cannot prove causation but correlationUsed when the conditions would be unethical to assign subjects too4 The difference between quasiexperimental studies and case studies is Case studies studies that focus on a single case or subject5 The effect whereby a subject is incapable of copulating with a familiar mate but is able to copulate when presented with a novel individual is called the Coolidge effect 6 Vitamin B1 thiamine deficiency has been shown to cause severe memory loss and the cause of Korsakoffs syndrome Get your vitamins 7 If you paralyze your eye muscles then attempt to move them to the left how would you perceive stationary objects What does this tell you about how we process visual information If you try to move your paralyzed eyes you will see the stationary visual world move in the same direction as the attempted eye movementsThis tells us that our brain alters our perceptionModule 2 1The nature vs nurture debate attempts to differentiate whether behaviours are inherited or learnt 2 Darwinian fitness is a measure of an organisms ability to survive and to pass on its genes 3 A whales tailfin an animal descended from mammals and a sharks tailfin an ancient species of fish is an example of analogous features resulting from convergent evolution Analogous structures that are similar but do not have common evolutionary originsConvergent evolution in unrelated species of similar solutions to the same environmental demands4 The thick heavy coats of wolves living in the cold Northwest Territories are a trait that is adaptive However due to global warming the temperatures rise Whereas in the previous environment the thick heavy coat was advantageous this trait is now disadvantageous Therefore it is said to be spandrels Spandrels adaptive in one environment but not in another5 After reading this chapter would you be offended if someone called you a birdbrain If I was an age limited birdbrain then yes I would be offended This type of birdbrain are not plastic and have crystallized unchanging thinkingIf I was an open ended learner I would be fine with the namecalling because these birds keep adding songs to their repertoire throughout their lives6 If brown eye colour is dominant over blue eye colour and you mated with a person with blue eyes what are the chances of your child having blue eyes Of your child having brown eyes Would they be heterozygous or homozygous for the trait BBrownbblueIf Brown is HeteroBBbBbBbbBbBbIf Brown is HomoBbbBbBbbBbbb7 Meiosis forming gametes is a process that allows for 1 chromosome in your gametes to consist of genes from both your father and mother 8 Deoxyribonucleic Acid make up genes while amino acids make up proteins 9 What is the most surprising discovery of the human genome project What are the implications of this discovery That humans only have about 20000 genes suggesting our understanding of DNA is far from complete10 The process whereby one mRNA sequence can result in different proteins is called alternate splicing11 Tryon found that selective breeding for certain behavioural traits resulted in two populations of maze bright and maze dull rats This indicates that this trait was genetic However he also found that housing the rats in enriched environments allowed for maze dull rats to perform better in mazes This indicates that this trait can also be influenced by environment 12 How can one attenuate the effects of the genetic disorder phenylketonuria by changing the environment of the subject After a blood test that is high in phenylketonuria you would immediately place the infant on a special diet restricting phenylanine levels reduce phenylketonuria in the blood ultimately reducing mental retardation
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