PSYC 2410 Study Guide - Final Guide: Phenylalanine, Phenotype, Ribosome

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Thinking about the biology of behavior: from dichotomies to interactions. Zeitgeist: the general intellectual climate of our culture. You are the intellectual product of a zeitgeist that promotes ways of thinking about the biological bases of behavior that are inconsistent with the facts. Rene descartes - two points which became known as cartesian dualism: Ethology: the study of animal behavior in the wild was becoming a dominant approach to the study of behavior. Focused on the study of instinctive behaviors and it emphasized the role of nature, or inherited factors, in behavioral development. Self-awareness is widely regarded as the hallmark of the human mind. Case of oliver sack"s: suffered from asomatognosia: a deficiency in the awareness of parts of one"s own body typically involves the left side of the body and usually results from damage to the right parietal lobe.

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