PSYC 2410 Study Guide - Final Guide: Confounding, Psychophysiology, Behavioural Genetics

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The human brain is an amazingly intricate network of neurons. Cells that receive and transmit electrochemical signals. Neuroscience: the scientific study of the nervous system. Neuroscience comprises several related disciplines, one of them is biopsychology. 49 year old believed he was 19. When looking in a mirror he would get confused. Had good sensory, motor and cognitive abilities. Forgot everything that was said or shown to him within a few seconds. Couldn"t remember anything that happened to him since his early 20s. The scientific study of the biology of behavior. A biological approach to the study of psychology rather than a psychological approach. Psychology is the scientific study of behavior - the study of all overt activities of the organism as well as all the internal processes that are presumed to underlie them. Did not develop into a major neuroscience discipline until the 20th century.

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