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PSYC 2410
Elena Choleris

Behavioural NeurosciencePsych 2410tuesday thursday 400520pmElena Choleris Mackinnon 3004Tuesday september 11 2012Scientific Inferenceobserve the consequences of an unobservable processes and from these logically infer the nature of those unobservable processesJose Delgado tamed a charging bull realized that the caudate nucleus regulates aggression was able to tap into that using caudate stimulationpossible treatment for psychopathscan stimulate nucleus and stop charging bullturns out this was not the caseMIDTERM 1 ch 1235intro anatomy research methods evolution genetics and behaviour 70 multiple choiceChapter 1 TEXTBOOKneurons cells that receive and transmit electrochemical signals4 major themes thinking creativelyclinical implicationsevolutionary perspectiveneuroplasticity disciplines of neuroscience fewbiopsychology scientific study of the biology of behaviourneuroanatomy the study of the structure of the nervous system and the endocrine systemneurochemistry the study of the chemical bases of neural activityneuroendocrinology the study of interactions between the nervous system and the endocrine systemneuropathology the study of nervous system disordersneuropharmacology the study of the effects of drugs on neural activityneurophysiology the study of the functions and activities of the nervous systemcomparative approach study of bodily functions by comparing different speciesBiopsychology experiments and non experimentstwo non experiments quasiexperimental studies and case studiesExperimentsmethod used by researchers to study causationbetween subjects design different participants used for each conditionwithinsubjects design same group under each conditionindependent variable difference between the conditionsdependent variable variable measured to assess the effect of ind variableif done correctly any differences in the dependent variable were caused by the independent variableconfounding variable possible other variable for the change in the dependent variabledifficult to eliminate them allCoolidge Effect when a male cannot continue to copulate with a female he sometimes needs to switch female partners before beginning againLordosis arched back rump up tail diverted posture of female rodentQuasiexperimental Studiesstudies where groups of subjects have been exposed to the conditions of interest in the real worldCase Studiesstudies that focus on a single case or subjectmore in depth than quasipure research basic knowledge for the interest of the researcherapplied research research intended to bring about some direct benefit to humankindDivisions of BiopsychologyPhysiological Psychologystudies neural mechanisms of behaviour through the direct manipulation of the brain in controlled experimentssurgical and electric methods most commonPsychopharmacologyfocuses on manipulation of neural activity and behaviour with drugsNeuropsychologystudy of the physiological effects of brain damage on the human beingdeals almost exclusively with case studies or quasi studiescerebral cortex most likely to be damaged
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