PSYC 2450 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Memory Span, Afterimage, Mental Age

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Input: oprocessing information through attention and perception: storage and retrieval: oencoding information how we get information to stay in memory, software: How we later use information when we need it oapplying information to the solution of problems: hardware brain ointerested in changes in process that accompany the change in hardware. There are separate sensory registers for each sense modality oshort-term store stimuli are retained for several seconds and operated on (working memory) olong-term store information that has been examined and interpreted is permanently store for future. Multiple strategies exist within a child"s cognitive repertoire at any one time, with these strategies competing with one another for use. All ps are better at identifying fragmented photos if they were from original pictures everyone (implicit) Ask explicitly to recall pictures from the list adults do better oage differences found on explicit tasks but few on implicit tasks*

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