PSYC 2450 Midterm: Midterm #1 Study Guide

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What is development? y systematic continuities and changes between conception and death. Jeffery arnett y focuses on emerging adulthood late teens to mid-20s y this age used to start families and get careers, now marriage and jobs come later and people stay in school longer. Why study childhood and adolescence y period of rapid development and change y experiences of early years affect later development y y real world applications. What are some current assumptions about children? y no respect for their elders y children are judgemental y don t have good attention spans y do not understand what is going on around them y grow up too fast. Where do these assumptions come from? y personal experiences y media y expert opinion. Historical perspectives on childhood y contemporary western societies are child centred y. In the early days of recorded history: children had few if any rights, their lives were not always valued, ex.