PSYC 2450 Study Guide - Final Guide: Social Learning Theory, Intersex, Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome

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Developmental psychology: chapter 14 - sex, differences & Sex (biological; xx-xy) vs. gender (social and cultural identity categories, male vs. female) Gender typing process of acquiring gender identity and motives, values and behaviours appropriate for their sex: describe the terms masculine and feminine in terms of the two dimensions of the interpersonal circle (ipc). Be sure to name and describe the two dimensions. Categorizing males and females gender role standard a value, motive or behaviour more appropriate for one sex. Rather than speak of masculine and feminine. High in both (ideal, equal: how have the number of males and females in various college majors changed since 1971? (pick two majors to illustrate what has changed and not changed, respectively) Percentage of females among graduating college majors: Psychology 55% to 75: myth & facts. Discuss sex differences in ________. (e. g. visual spatial ability). Statistically significant differences between means of males and females on ___-> yes, but not that meaningful.

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