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PSYC 2650 Study Guide - Lexical Decision Task, Implicit Learning, Central Tendency

Course Code
PSYC 2650
Dan Meegan

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Short Answer on Lab 5 (Fan Effect Semantic Memory)
- Each concept is represented as a node and each node is connected
through interconnections of different strengths
- These differences in strengths is due to differences in experience
- When a node is activated, it is activated 100% and its activation is
spread amongst its nodes (not necessarily evenly! Depends on strength of
o Subthresholds are when the node does not get enough activation
to summon attention but thresholds can be added together to
form a summation
- Evidence for network organization lies in semantic priming
o Hints
Purpose of hint is to help us remember other material
By activating node from hint, you hope that activation
spreads to to-be-remembered material
o Lexical decision task
Given 2 words and have to ask if both are words
Yes of they are, no for one is or neither are
Forces participant to process information
First word is priming word
If second word is primed by first word, it will be
recognized as a word faster and result in faster RTs
E.g. bread is prime word, butter would be
recognized faster than bike would be
- A concept that has lots of connections (high degree of fan) has its
activation spread more than a concept that has less connections (low
degree of fan)
- In turn, a concept that has a high degree of fan will show longer RTs
than a concept with a low degree of fan and therefore less information
attached to it
- Sentence verification shown a variety of sentences, some people have
only 1 place associated with them and some places have only 1 person
associated with them (1-1), some places have 2 people associated with
them and some people have 2 places associated with them (2-1) and
some places and people have 2 people and places associated with them
respectively (2-2), then given recognition task (asked if word in CAPS
was a word in previous stage)
o Found that concepts that had less associations where the fastest
to identify and as more associations were with the concept, the
longer identification takes
Short Answer on Lab 6 (Categorization Sentence Verification)
- Collins and Quillian
- Based on 2 characteristics:
o 1. Principle of inheritance: concept inherits characteristics from
all concepts it is nested in
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