PSYC 2740 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Learned Helplessness, Theory Of Multiple Intelligences, Convergent Validity

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Chapter 7: a closer look phineas gage/the green study, 1: closer look false mem, closer look abuse. Chapter 11: table 11. 1 murray"s needs, a closer look (tat and measures of motives, section on war & peace & power (in need for power section, table 11. 3. Chapter 13: diallo case at start of chapter, section on dweck and the theory of mastery orientation, section on e. tory higgins & theory of regulatory forces, 4. and then the section on walter mischel & the cognitive-affective personality system. Theoretical bridge: connections between environmental conditions/personality traits/responses build theoretical bridge linking personality to specific situations in terms of evoking a certain psych response which can be identified/measured using specific physio traits. Common physio measures: most use electrodes, electrodermal activity, cardiovascular, activity, brain activity. Electrodes: sensore usually placed on skin surface/linked to polygraph to measure physio variables, telemetry. Telemetry: electrical signals sent from electrodes to polygraph using radio waves instead of wires.

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