PSYC 2740 Study Guide - Final Guide: Social Anxiety Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Reference Group

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17 Jun 2019
self concept - the way we see and define ourselves
self esteem - to evaluation we make of our self concept
social identity - the outward reflections we show other people
social comparison - the evaluation of oneself or one's performance in terms of a comparison with a
reference group
perspective taking - the ability to take the perspectives of others or to see oneself as others do, to step
outside of oneself and imagine how one appears to other people
objective self awareness - seeing yourself as an object of other's attention
shyness - chronic objective self awareness
evaluation apprehension -
diagnostic criteria for social anxiety - fear of social humiliation/embarassment, social/performance
situations yield high anxiety, excessive fear, anxiety causes impairment
treating social anxiety disorder - cognitive behavioural therapy
self schema - the specific knowledge structure of cognitive representation of the self concept
possible selves - the many ideas people have about who they might become, who they hope to become
or who they fear to become
ideal self - what persons themselves want to be
ought self - persons' understanding of what others want them to be
self guides - standards that one uses to organize information and motivate appropriate behaviour
self complexity - the view that each of us has many roles and many aspects to our self concepts
low self esteem following failure feedback - low performance, give up
high self esteem following failure feedback - try just as hard, less likely to give up
low self esteem following failure in one area - generalize failure to other areas
high self esteem following failure in one area - focus on successes in other areas
low self esteem - protect self
defensive pessimism - a strategy in which a person facing a challenge expects to do poorly
self handicapping - a person deliberately does the things that increase the probability that they will fail
high self esteem - enhance self
self esteem variability - the magnitude of short term fluctuations in ongoing self esteem
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