PSYC 2740 Study Guide - Final Guide: Experiential Avoidance, Sensation Seeking, Interpersonal Communication

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17 Jun 2019
Non-suicidal self injury - deliberate damage of one's own body tissue in the absence of suicidal intent
and for reasons that are not culturally/socially acceptable
common methods of self injury - cutting, scratching, carving, scraping, hitting, bruising, burning
most common method of self injury - cutting
typical onset of nssi - early mid adolescence
start before 12 years old - 20%
start after 17 years old - 30%
females - may cut more, perhaps more injuries on wrists/thighs, may self injure more often
males - may hit/burn more, perhaps more injuries on hands and head
experiential avoidance - attempts to avoid or escape from unwanted internal experience or their
experiential avoidance model - stressor to heightened emotional response to high negative emotionality
and emotion dysregulation to experiential avoidance to nssi to temporary relief
emotion regulation - to provide relief from unwanted, negative emotional experiences
most commonly reported reason for NSSI - emotion regulation
emotion dysregulation model - trigger to negative emotions and thoughts to perceived as intolerable to
self injury to relief
self punishment - to express hatred toward oneself, punish oneself and damage one's body
second most commonly reported reason for nssi - self punishment
anti suicide - to avoid urges to attempt suicide/reduce suicidal thinking
anti dissociation - to stop feeling emotionally numb; to feel real and thus alleviate dissociative
interpersonal communication - telling others that one is in pain, to get help from others, to get back at
others etc.
negative urgency - making rash decisions when emotionally upset
perseverance - ability to stay on task until its completed
premeditation - stopping one's actions so a plan can be made
sensation seeking - tendency to seek adventure/excitement
self injury - no intent to die, less severe, more frequent
suicide - intent to die, more severe, less frequent
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