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4 Feb 2016
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
PSYCH 2740
Midterm Review
-if there is overlap where it might be important
-bold terms that are not covered in class
-studies that are done in class ex: schizophrenoform (findings and implications)
-unique lecture material
-60 multiple choice questions (10 per each)
Practice Questions: are you smarter than a personality psychologist
lecture 1: which domain of knowledge pertains to aspects of personality that tend to
operate outside of awareness? - intrapsychic
kesha wants to understand the role of personality terms in how someone cope with
being a bad singer. - adjustment
lecture 2: sheldon correlate intelligence and humour. they conclude that being smart
makes people funny - another variable could be related
miley develops a measure of twirling which can be measured valid in between sexes,
life stages, and culture groups - generalizabilities
lecture 3: bella is very creative and enjoys making up stories and is known as an
intellectual - high in what trait? - openness
recent research has found that the following three traits with education levels atained
and earnings - high opens, low neurotics and high consciousness
lecture 4: charlie yells at his boss and calls him a troll. the boss fires him in response-
a psychologist concluded that tom lied when he completed a questionaire when he has
not in fact lied - false negative
lecture 5: the population of springfield and very liberal then becomes conservative
(mean level change)
researchers found that personality traits in men among business - ambition
lecture 6: what three traits share the strongest correlation with smoking and drinking -
neurotics, extraversion
adoptive parents and birth parents are both shy - what issue is presented selective
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