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PSYC 3020
Dan Yarmey

Unit 3 – Course Reader 3.2 Conservatism, Dogmatism, and Authoritarianism in British Police Officers Conservatism: a sense of resistance to change and a tendency to prefer safe, traditional, and conventional forms of institutions and behaviour Dogmatism: a closed and inflexible mode of thinking, an authoritarian outlook on life, and an intolerant attitude towards opposing beliefs - The police force attracts conservative and authoritarian personalities - Basic training has a temporary liberalizing effect on police recruits - Continued police service results in increasingly illiberal/intolerant attitudes towards coloured immigration  48 recruit constables (young police officers in training), 36 probationers (20+ months of service), and 30 control group subjects (matching SES as officers)  First filled out questionnaire gathering basic age, sex, education information  Then the following 4 psychometric tests were administered in the order shown: 1. The Wilson-Patterson Attitude Inventory – designed to measure the liberalism- conservatism dimension of social attitudes 2. Eysenck’s Social and Political Attitude Inventory – designed to measure attitudes on a continuum from permissive humanitarianism (radicalism) to authoritarian religionism (conservatism) 3. Rokeach’s Dogmatism Scale – a measure of dogmatism 4. The Lee-Warr Balanced F Scale – a measure of authoritarianism free of agreement response set  After the tests, three open-ended questions were asked regarding ‘death penalty,’ ‘coloured immigration,’ and ‘mixed marriage’ o Death penalty = probationers more illiberal/intolerant than control group o Coloured immigration = probationers significantly more illiberal/intolerant than both recruits and control subjects o Mixed marriage = means not significantly different from each other o ***The most illiberal/intolerant open-ended responses were given by the police subjects***  No significant differences in dogmatism in this study  Tendency f
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