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PSYC 3020
Dan Yarmey

Unit 1 – Course Reader 1.3 Experts in Court – A View from the Bench What do judges expect of an expert and how should experts be prepared?  Define what constitutes an expert  Develop the theory of the case  Choose your expert wisely  Brief the expert  Qualify the expert How did we get to all of these rules?  In last 25 years, use of expert testimony has dramatically increase  Ironically, as expert testimony gained broader acceptance, the legal system found themselves increasingly troubled by where all of this was taking the legal process  Mohan test developed  Good reasons for these rules o Judge and jury swear an oath to render a just and true decision whereas the expert takes no such oath o Judge and jury are considered neutral/unbiased whereas the expert is engaged by one side or the other  Use common sense when inter
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