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PSYC 3110
Kieran O' Doherty

Midterm study Qs TOPICS IN HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY What is the German/Alto- Saxon original meaning of the word “HEALTH”? Describe Hippocrates influence on HP. Describe Galen’s theory of Humours. In a historical context, how was health thought of in Christendom? Renaissance? Explain the Mind-Body problem? Provide the following definitions: Health, Health Psychology. What is a toxic environment and give 1 example of one. Describe the differences between the biomedical and the biopsychosocial model. What are each of their criticisms? Which one does Health Psychology rely on? List and describe the 4 approaches to health psychology. List the levels of the Common Framework for HP, and explain 5 characteristics of the framework. What is meant by health is not settled? How should the practice of health psychology be understood? Explain ‘secret India’ and the claims they made. Explain how these effects influenced western practices. What is the importance of culture on how we think about health and illness? What are health belief systems? What are the three types of belief systems? What are the Chinese views of health? Explain Taoism. What is Ayurvedic medicine? What are the African Health Beliefs? Describe complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM)? What are the Christian ideas in terms of health beliefs? Describe the two types of biomedicine? What is an example of a failed assumption in biomedicine? What is the importance of understanding health belief systems? From a social construct, what factors is health dependent on? What is an STI? What are the 3 types of STIs? Name the two more serious, and rare cases on STIs. What is the greatest affected age group for common STIs? Describe the incidence of HIV in Canada. How many of these people are unaware? Why may an incidence of HIV not be reported right away? What is the main role of social scientists and health psychologists in addressing the problem of STIs? Is there an appropriate amount of knowledge among people about the spread of HIV aids? What is risky sexual behaviour? Why would people not use condoms to protect themselves? What are individual level theories? Explain the health belief model. What reviews did this model receive? Describe Protection Motivation Theory. Describe Theory of Reasoned Action. Describe the Theory of Planned Behaviour. Describe the Info-Motivation-Behavioural skills model. Describe the Common Sense Model. Describe the Transtheoretical Model/ Stages of Change model. Describe Social Cognitive Theory. What were found to be the most and least affective strategies in preventing HIV? What are 4 critiques of individual level approaches? What is the role of food in society? What has happened to the prevalence of obesity in Canada? What are the health risks involved with being obese? What are the trends of obesity, and describe the prevalence. Explain why obesity may be a disease of affluence. List 4 facts involved with food consumption and the food industry What are some problems of sustainability? What are the main causes of obesity? Explain the idea of problematic food consumption from an evolutionary perspective. Explain the problem of obesity from an ecological model. What are some environmental influences on food choices? Describe food promotion and television that influences children on their food choices. What are the forms of intervention for the problem o
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