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Argued to originate in ancient china, who used them to fill civil service posts. Behaviour rarely reflects any one psychological attribute, but rather a variety of physical, psychological, and social forces. Use of psychological testing dates back approximately 4000 years. Pioneered by simon and binet"s work on intelligence testing with children. Psychological testing developed in response to practical demands. Ex) wwi/wwii (only used during wwii, was developed during wwi) Could not be administered to large groups of people. Personal data sheet (robert woodworth), developing tests to screen out individuals who were prone to stress/anxiety, psychoneurotic inventory. Ex) intelligence, construct-numerical ability, behaviour-performance on a math test. The test is always administered under the same conditions. Quality of the test is determined by the representativeness of the sample. Systematic attempts to measure personal attributes, which are deemed important contributors to individual behaviour. Measure behaviour in an attempt to study a specific psychological construct.

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