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PSYC 3480
Dan Yarmey

Chapter 1 Introducing Sport and Exercise Psychology Samantha Briand Sport and exercise psychologists work with all people professional athletes and recreational as well as those with and without mental problemsSport and exercise psychology is a science in which the principles of psychology are applied in a sport or exercise settingInfluence of kinesiology and psychologyLargely theoretical perspectives of psychologyPositive psychology in sportexercise enhancing well being by increasing positive qualities like confidence independence social and psychical functioning and life satisfactionCareers in sportexercise psychology 3 major roles of sportexercise psychology specialists teachingmost sportexercise psychology specialists are employed in universities and colleges primary role teaching studentssome training to communitysport organizations researchprimary responsibility working in universities to advance knowledge consultingthird major role help individuals teams and organizations improve performance change physical acitivity behaviour manage sprot and life demands and enhance personal well beingmany professional sport teams and organizations emply sport psychology consultants in US more major universiities have full time consultants not the case in Canadaincreasing number of Canadian universities use psychology consultants on a limited basisvery few Canadians make a living as a full time sport and exercise psychology consultanto3 roles of the exercise pshycolgoy consultantteach psychological skills to facilliatate performancehelp people with developmental concernsassist clients in educational and counseling areas and psychopathologyTraining to be a sportexercise psychology specialist depends largely on what career path is chosen largely two general training orientationssport science educationoteaching and research skills combing sport sciences and psychologyowide range of academic programs availableoinformation found in directory of graduate programs published for the AASP pg9clinical and counseling sport and exercise psychologyotwo closely related fields clinical focused on assessment and rehabilitation of serious psychological developments counseling on helping people with adjustmentdevelopmental problems significant overlap in the twoograduate training in sport sciences and training for clinical psychologists oCPA for more informationCourses and Programs for Undergraduate Students ideally double major in sport sciences and psychology Allowing greatest flexibility if not possible major and minor in an undergraduate degree exact courses determined by career path chosen requirements by various sport sciences or clinical programs hoped in the future universities will provide opportunities providing students with greater flexibilityLiscensing of SportExercise psychologists pg 11 provincial and territorital lawas regulate the use of the term psychologists to protect people from being exploited by untrained individuals rules vary across provinces and territories unless progessionals meet ecemption criteria they should not call themselves sportexercise psychologists CSPA and AASP identify necessary standardsSEE TABLE 14 PAGE 11 IN TEXTStandards of conduct and practitioner competencies in sportexercise psychology a number of basic standards of conduct and sercixe always apply when a sport and exercise psychology consultant interacts with clients although style will proabably differ ethics rightwrong as they are related to human behaviour specifically nature terms and parameters of the relationship between the consultant and clientsassist athletes and do no harm ethical codes provide guidelinesCPA CANADIAN CODE OF ETHICS FOR PSYCHOLOGISTS PG13oFOUR GENERAL PRINCIPLESRespect for dignity of personsMoral rights confidentiality freedomResponsible caringMinimize harm and maximize benefitsWork within range of competenceIntegrity in relationshipsAccuracyhonesty unbiased Avoid conflicts of interestResponsibility to societyBenefit society through development of knowledge However respect and responsible caring FIRST PRIORITYSport and exercise psychology in Canada and the united states HISTORY PG 15 Canada and US intertwinedth 20 century canadaian univerisites few and enrolment was low
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