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University of Guelph
PSYC 3480
Dan Yarmey

3 • Sport and exercise psychology researchers not only conduct research but also present their findings at conferences and in refereed journals and books. • Presentations and publications allow scholars to engage in discussions and debates about the strengths and limitations of various theories, methods, and paradigms. Consulting • A third major role of the sport and exercise psychology specialist is to help individuals, teams, and organizations improve performance, change physical activity behaviour, manage sport and life demands, and enhance personal well- being. • In Canada, many professional sport teams and national sport organizations employ sport psychology consultants. • In the United States, many major universities have full-time consultants, but this is not the case in Canada. • There are also consultants working in the fitness industry, in rehabilitation settings, and progressively more in the business community. • In Canada, there are very few individuals who make their living as full-time sport and exercise psychology consultants. • Sport and exercise psychology consultants tend to play three general roles. • Educational consultants typically teach people psychological skills to facilitate performance, increase exercise, and enhance well-being. • Counselling consultants help people with developmental concerns, adjustment, and challenges. • Clinical psychology consultants can assist clients in educational and counselling areas, but they also have special training in psychopathology. Training to be a sport and exercise psychology specialist • Since sport and exercise psychology is an interdisciplinary field, there are multiple career pathways. • To a large extent, educational training depends on what career path a person chooses. • The APA provides some guidance on graduate training and career possibilities in sport and exercise psychology. • For simplicity, we will briefly describe two general training orientations: (1) sport
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