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PSYC 3480
Dan Meegan

o Therefore the textbook describes two general pathways: sport science education and clinical and counselling sport and exercise Sport Science Education ∙   Majority work in university and college therefore need strong research and teaching skills ∙   Therefore extensively trained in sport sciences and research methods ∙   Push to “applied” training which has increased courses in psychology and counselling Clinical and Counselling Sport and Exercise Psychology ∙   Training in psychological theory, assessment, intervention, research methods and ethics o Often require a supervised internship  Graduate Courses • € Sport psychology • € Exercise psychology • € Adapted physical activity • € Psychological assessment • € Cognitive behavioural therapy • € Professional ethics • € Health psychology Courses and Programs for Undergraduate Students ∙   Graduate programs differ extensively on what courses are required o Therefore, ideally double major in sport science and psychology o This will allow the greatest flexibility in pursuing graduate work ∙   Ideal for future is to have more universities create opportunities that will allow students greater flexibility to pursue academic programs. LICENSING OF SPORTAND EXERCISE PSYCHOLOGISTS ∙   Psychologist is a regulated term in Canada, to protect the public from being exploited, possibly by untrained individuals ∙   Alternate titles
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