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Jennifer Mc Taggart

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PsychologyofDeathandDyingReadingSummariesCanadianFoodforThoughtUnit1CanadianAttitudesaboutDeathTaken from an excerpt from Marilyn Hadads book The Ultimate Challenge Coping With Death Dying and Bereavement 2009Hadad believes that North Americans try to make death invisible from their normal livesAttitudes about death determines oIf we talk about these issues and our wishes for our deathoHow we deal with our own griefoVary greatly in CanadaCanadian cultural view on death is based on English rootsoAttitudes reflect the lack of personal experience that most people have with deathoThis view is based on impersonal understandings and secondhand observations from others or the mediaoThis is predominate in the US and Great BritainPhilippe Aries a social historians views on death in the Western worldoDeath is ugly and make invisibleoPeople dying in institutions rather than in their homesoDeath is removed from peoples everyday lives by letting others like medical professionals and funeral directors deal with the detailsoPeople try to prolong life and see death as a failure to be banished from everyones awarenessoPeople have little personal experience with deathoFear of death is on the process of dying rather than the death itselfHadad believes that todays society is fully aware of death and actively tries to avoid itoExamples of this includeEmphasis on healthy eating and exerciseImportance of benefit packages in the workplaceFundraising for medical researchoSociety is exposed to death in an impersonal way through the mediaDeath anxiety and fear of deathoDemonstrated by a refusal to talk about death and avoidanceUnit2CanadasDeadliestNationalDisastersDeath is difficult and trying at any timeWhen caused by an inexplicable act of nature its harder to come to terms withDeath becomes a shared challenge when natural disasters claim lots of livesCanadasWorstNaturalDisastersofAllTimeBy Adam Shoalts 2011httpwwwcanadiangeographiccablogpostingaspID439The 2 deadliest natural disasters claimed thousands of lives and took place in 1775oThey were unrelated and happened on opposite coasts of CanadaVolcanic eruptionoThe Tseax Cone volcano erupted in British Columbia spewing poisonous gas and molten lavaoThe gases came without warning and killed manyo2000 people perished and the Nass river was smothered in lavaoThe flows permanently changed the landscapeHurricaneoOccurred in Newfoundland east coast in SeptemberoCanadas cold climate usually provides protection against hurricanes and tropical stormso4000 were drowned and 1000 vessels were sunkoRoyal navy ships were destroyedthoIt is the 7 deadliest hurricane in Atlantic history
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