PSYC 3800 Study Guide - Final Guide: Grade Retention, Achievement Orientation, Educational Psychology

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A good understanding of brain development and how it impacts learning is important for all educators. Drawing on information from your textbook (especially pages 26-31, 236-243, chapter 9) and the. Aggression, bullying and conflict management are major problems in today"s schools. Parents, teachers and support staff all have an important role to play in dealing with these issues, although figuring out exactly what needs to be done is not a straightforward task. Drawing on information from the textbook (especially pg. Using any of the ideas and/or strategies outlined in your textbook (especially chapter 12) and/or information from the pepler (2006) and craig, pepler and. Blais (2007) article, discuss three things you could do and/or say to help manage this student"s behaviour and the impact of their behaviour on the rest of your students (4 marks). Learning disabilities (ld) are one of the most debated issues in the field of educational psychology.