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PSYC 3800
Carol Anne Hendry

PSYC3800DEPSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATIONFall 2013POTENTIAL FINAL EXAMINATION QUESTIONSEleven potential final examination questions are listed belowSix of these 11 questions will appear on the final examination and you will be required to select FOUR of them to writeThe final is two hours in length and worth 40 marks in the course You should plan to spend approximately 30 minutes writing each of the four questions you selectEach question is worth 125 marks Although you are strongly encouraged to prepare answers to the questions as part of your studying for the final examination the final is a closed book examination and notes outlines copies of articles prepared answers etc are not allowedIn preparing your answers for each of the 11 potential questions as part of your studying for the final examination you are strongly encouraged to read each question carefully and make sure that you have responded to all parts of the questions eg parts a b c i ii iii etcI do not expect you to write a formal introduction or a conclusion for any of these questionsPlease just write them as a series of short answer questions where you clearly mark part a b c etcMost importantly make sure that you draw directly on course material for your answers and where possible indicate specific evidence in the form of research studies cited in the articles and the text to back up your statementsYou do not need to provide specific references for the information you present I do not expect you to memorize author names dates etc Here are some examples of how you can clearly illustrate to me that you are referring to research from the course without including specific author namesresearch presented in the textbook stated that a study was conducted where they usedmethod to examine and it showed that Question 1 Educational psychology research results are obvious Drawing on information from Gage 1991 Cooper Levin and Campbell 2009 and chapter 1 in your textbook answer the following questionsA What is meant by this statement 1 mark B Provide one example of a research finding that may seem obvious and discuss why it is not in fact obvious2 marks C What are the dangers in basing educational policy and programs on assumptions 3 marks D How might the current trend towards using evidence based practice and policy in education help to counteract the idea that research in educational psychology is obvious 3 marks E Why do you think some educators may be reluctant to incorporate scientific research findings into their teaching 2 marks
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