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PSYC 3800
Jen Lasenby- Lessard

PSYC3800 Final Exam Question 4Learning Disabilities LD are one of the most debated issues in the field of educational psychology We continue to struggle with how to define them how to identify LD students and how to properly support them Based on information from the textbook chapter 4 along with information from the articles answer the questions AWhat is the discrepancy based definition of LDDiscrepancy between intelligence and achievement oWith achievement that is substantially below and defined as a discrepancy of more than two standard deviationsIQachievement discrepancy model assesses whether there is a significant difference between a students scores on a test of general intelligence and scores obtained on an achievement test oTraditionally used approach used to identify children with LD oIf a students score on the IQ test is at least 2 standard deviations higher than their scores on the achievement test they have an LD BWhy are students with LD not being well served by the discrepancy based definition of LDThere are more psychological processing problems that they experience oMemoryoPhonological processingoNumeracyoSocial difficultiessocial perception social interaction perspective taking NVLDThere are many different factors that cause learning disabilities environmental genetic so there are different factors that need to be looked into if you want to properly support the child everything isnt based on their academic achievement Wait to Fail Model
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