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PSYC 3800
Jen Lasenby- Lessard

PSYC3800 Final Exam Question 6Executive control and the ability to selfregulate are important skills for academic success However how to define these skills how to assess for them and how to teach them to students is a significant challenge for educators AWhy is the ability to selfregulate important for academic successStudents who have good selfregulation will be able to develop good work ethics for the future such as motivation and volitionoAs children move through school the trend is to move towards more selfdirected learning which requires a great amount of selfregulationoDeveloping good selfregulation skills at a younger age will increase their success in secondary and postsecondary school Selfregulation also helps the student to study more effectivelyoBy knowing which study and learning techniques work best for them oTextbook selfregulated learners are more aware of the learning tasks and the strategies that they should use to solve certain problems or to study a certain topicoThey understand more about themselves so the more effective their work ethic will be Selfregulation is the process of activating and sustaining thoughts behaviors and emotions in order to reach goals It is important to academic success because selfregulated learners have a combination of academic learning skills and selfcontrol that make learning more productive oMore motivated and have the skills and will to learn which transfersto better academic achievement oPrepares students for lifelong learningoKnowledge motivation and volitionViews learning as skills and willpowerapplied to analyzing a learning task setting goals and planning how to do the task applying skills and making adjustments on how learning is carried out oLearn independently throughout life
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