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PSYC 3800
Jen Lasenby- Lessard

PSYC3800 Final Exam Question 7Creativity is an interesting and complex cognitive process that is becoming more and more of a controversial issue in our current school climate There are many myths about creativity and research has yet to confirm a clear definition ABased on readings outlined above put together the bestmost comprehensive definition of what you can about what creativity isTextbook creativity is the ability to produce work that is original but still appropriate and useful oThere is no allpurpose creativity rather people are creative in particular areas such as dance or writingoAny subject can be approached in a creative way not just the association of artoCreativity underlies all human activities BWhy is creativity so difficult to assessArticlethere are 3 reasons why creativity is so difficult to assess 1Definition of creativity may vary from one instrument to another2Sometimes unclear what creativity instruments actually predict3Creativity needs to be assessed in the context of other psychologicalenvironmental variables There is no unified widely accepted theory of what creativity is which causes many difficulties oProblem with establishing a useful operational definitionoProblems with understanding the implications of differences among test and test administration proceduresoDifficulties with understanding the relationship of creativity to other human abilities
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