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PSYC 3800
Jen Lasenby- Lessard

PSYC3800 Final Exam Question 2A good understanding of brain development and how it impacts learning is important for all educators Drawing on information from your textbook and the Bialystok 2009 article answer the following questionsADefine experiencedependent overproduction and pruning from page 29 in the textbook Synaptic connections are formed based on an individuals experiencesoIn response to neural activity in localized areas of the brainThings not learned at an early age get pruned from the brain Studies have shown that this true in circumstances of adults having difficulty pronouncing sounds that were not part of their native language Pruning extra neurons are not being used so they will be prunedsynaptic elimination use it or lose it Synaptic connections are formed based on individuals experience Neurons are formed based on neural activityExperiencedependent over production is the process of the brain creating an abundance of synapses in order to prepare a child for the stimulation that they will receive as they develop and ensure that they have enough neurons to accommodate these various stimulioAs the child is exposed to different experiences eg visual stimulation this will engage their synapses and neurons and the brain will develop accommodations to these experiencesoIf the neurons are unused or under stimulated they will be pruned
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