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PSYC 3800
Jen Lasenby- Lessard

PSYC3800 Final Exam Question 11 Assessment is a necessary part of education but how and what to assess are issues that are continually debated in the education fieldADiscuss the impact of assessment on student learning by citing three reasons why assessment is important RitzemaShaw 2012 when performing the testing on retained and nonretained students many different tests were used oWoodcockJohnson Test of Achievement IIoBehavior Assessment System for Children Three factors to developing effective testing and to interpreting results 1Reliability2Validity3Absence of BiasAssessment is important because oWe gave a better understanding as to where the child stands academically by using normreferenced testingAlso have an idea as to where the student stands in the norm Using criteria referenced testing we are able to better identify where the student is struggling oAfter the assessment process has taken place we can implement the appropriate intervention program Make judgements about quality merit or excellence oAssessment allows guidance for a teacher in planning or adapting teaching methods and to help students identify areas that need work as well as to inform the teacher and the student about the students level of accomplishment
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