SOAN 2040 Study Guide - Final Guide: Voting Age, Neoliberalism, Relate

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Final exam review: soan 2040 globalization work and organization. Estranged labour tears away from species of life: social alienation: workers are alienated from each other. Alienation according to marx: rooted from industrial capitalism, all means for the development if production transform themselves into means of domination over the producers supressed creativity. Relate this to mardi gras documentary about bead production: workers are alienated from product because the product is essentially owned by worker. Since work is repetitive workers are forced to reproduce same product without any ability to incorporate creativity. Product and activity alienation result in workers become alienated from basic want to work. Workers not allowed to speak to others during work hours or are penalized. Women not allowed to communicate with male workers in dorm rooms. Since globalization is expanding it is positive because work is being outsourced, but is bad because it is alienating some workers. For example, in the film life and debt , the.