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Sschau@uoguelph. ca } include course code in emails. Unless making an appointment or unless there is a personal issue, all other questions should be posted in courselink. Office hours: mack 602 from 5:00 6:00 p. m. on tuesdays. Fundamentals of social research, 2nd canadian edition, babbie e. and benaquisto l. Use turnitin software to screen own work for plagiarism before submitting assignments. Always keep a backup copy of assignments available may be asked to resubmit at any time. Epa & lead in the environment: lead bad for children (1975) Social anthropology research methods based on this work. Problem: telling companies to pay for clean-up} companies didn"t want to pay for it so they hired two people to examine what was going on in the lab. Collected intelligence measures from children in grades 1 and 2. Compared human intelligences with high lead content and low lead content. The needleman case (summary) lead and intelligence:

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