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He didn"t test all 270 so they accused him of cherry-picking on his data (picking the best of the data to show and compare to ensure publication) He was charged because of his way of reporting and could"ve lost his credential as a prof. He addressed the problem, and attempted to correct it. As researchers we should doubt our own findings and those of others. Skepticism develop a habit of checking the research. Information gained through observations or our own senses. Don"t necessarily reflect an objective reality (people who are deaf don"t learn the sound of things) Society has agreed upon what the ideas are, someone has told you all of this, and you have transmitted this to yourself from indirect means. This is the process of learning and what others believes. Pros there are many things that can"t be experienced directly. Cons can limit inquiry because someone has told you something: can lead to prejudice, close mindedness.

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