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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

MARTINEAU - GENERAL o interested in what is right, what is just o preferred democracy – eager to learn if people in the USA lived up to these theories of life o wrote a book on how to be respectful to all and justice to all  observer cannot be perplexed or disgusted by what they are observing o came to no surprise for her that Southern newspapers took no notice of the outrages perpetrated against blacks by the mobs o observed a striking difference between the mobs of Europe and those of the USA – mobs in USA are generally created by those with social status where it‟s opposite in Europe o abolitionists were blamed for violence and warned if they continued to meet publicly, they would be held responsible for any disorders that may ensue o wrote Society in America where she was critical of education for women – either ill-educated, passive, or well-educated and free only upon sufferance - POLITICS o Raised money for Oberlin College – first college to admit women and black people o She refused a pension from the gov‟t o Martineau (like Tocqueville) – American republic had demonstrated that a people can govern itself - DECLARATION OF INDEPDENDENCE o Egalitarian America was divided by classes o Agreed that the declaration and universal principles were contradicted by slavery - MORALITY AND POLITICS o Strong supported of the anti-slavery movement o People writing to oppose slavery were denounced that others feared buying these author‟s books - SOCIOLOGY OF SLAVERY o The primary characteristic of a slave system was injustice o Children grew up hating upper white people o Martineau asks why women should be denied the authority to represent their own interests - “ROOTS” DOCUMENTARY o Kunta abused (young, black male) o Hanging by white male – would not say his name was Toby o Black people and white peoples relationships changed from watching this show  Whites could not really apologize and blacks looked at white people differently MILL AND TAYLOR - GENERAL o Both interested in the freedom of women and liberty for all o How to free many without suppressing few o Mill spoke about violence against women and rights for women o At one point, Mill became overwhelmed by feelings of intellectual adequacy – with Taylor‟s love and encouragement, he recovered his self-confidence o Mill credited Taylor with having made a contribution to his scholarly work o Acknowledged his creations were “very little mine” - METHODOLOGY o Mill realized that most men could not even imagine living with an equal o Taylor was the main source of Mill‟s own feminism o Mill said our ideas have nothing but our past experience written into them - “EMMA” FILM o upper and lower class in England at the time of Taylor and Mills writing o Emma snaps on poor woman at her picnic o Connects to Taylor and Mill writing about treating everyone in society as equals - PRINCIPLES OF POLITICAL ECONOMY o They advocated public education, labour laws, public health measures, the protection of young persons and animals, social assistance - SUBJECTION OF WOMEN o Women need equal opportunity in all respects – not women‟s nature that holds them where they are o The truth is that the subordination of the physically weaker sex by the stronger rests on a theory that has never been tested in the light of alternative – might is right o The Mills propose that the condition of women is a primitive form of slavery lasting on albeit a milder form o The Mills argued that it is highly unlikely for women that they will organize themselves to rebel against the power of men o Men want the obedience of women but also their love and affection o All women brought up in their earliest years to be a feminine character of submission o Duty of women was to live for others o Only way in which marriage can be consistent with justice to both parties it to institute the equality of married persons before the law and to allow either party to sue for divorce if and when he or she experiments persistent injustice – good marriage therefore proposes equality o The Mills argued that the only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over anyone is to prevent harm to others o The Mills said that all forms of discrimination should be made illegal AUGUSTE COMTE - GENERAL o He believed his social physics would help bring order out of chaos o Order and progress must be
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